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éclaire beauty studio,

éclaire is a new words combined with éclair + Claire.

éclair means flash of lightning, star light in French.

Claire is the name of founder of éclaire beauty.

éclaire is like a flash star lights and

make our clients to be sparkles, beautiful with our beauty treatments.

The founder of éclaire beauty,

éclaire beauty studio is one of the biggest Korean nail studio in Melbourne

Established since 2013

Claire Soyeon Lee, the founder of éclaire beauty studio, was born in South Korea. She firstly fell in love on nails and started studying a beauty certification since 2004. At that time, She was only at 14 years old. Claire has set a goal for her dream and She easily spent whole days sitting long time with playing nail colour & materials with and create a her own colour palette to understand tones of colours. Claire has created her own new colours with mixing nail lacquer too. Taking things further, paint random products customised with nail lacquer, draw patterns, nail piercing, stamping, create gems, DIY art.

That is how she started her dream in nails & beauty.


Claire Soyeon Lee  'Diploma of Art & design' in Monash College &

'Bachelor of visual communication' in Monash University in Melbourne.

- Awarded for Excellence 'Highest Overall Result in Diploma of Art and Design study (Melbourne),2011.
- Awarded for Excellence 'Achieving the highest results in Diploma of Art and Design studies, 2011.
Claire moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2009 and
has started éclaire in Melbourne CBD by herself. 
Slowly, gradually grown successfully in the beauty industry.
At that time, waiting time for a booking with her
became minimum 2-3weeks even if it was at 6m² sized a tiny space.
Now, éclaire is with experienced technicians working together.
Our technicians had training period by Claire to follow up éclaire styles
even if they have experience in beauty already.
. -
We know what we are doing, what is more important,
and definitely we love what we do.

Art deco Gothic exterior
& Modern interiors 

éclaire beauty studio is located one of the significant building

in Melbourne City which is Manchester Unity Building.

"The Manchester Unity Building is an Art Deco Gothic inspired office and retail building in Melbourne, VictoriaAustralia, constructed in 1931–32 for the Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows. The soaring stepped corner tower on a prominent intersection opposite the Melbourne Town Hall makes it one of the most prominent and best known buildings in Melbourne." (Wikipedia)


If you want to know more informations about this historical building,

click this link here.

Charity Partners
​éclaire beauty studio will make donation of $1 per appointment on your behalf.
 Thank you all who visited éclaire beauty studio and
joined our $1 donation per appointment. 

Simply walking in éclaire beauty studio can help our society. 

 This is a minuscule step towards contributing to our social responsibility
but we hope  to continue this months and years to come.

Traders agreement was officially commenced between éclaire beauty studio

and National Breast Cancer Foundation. 


​éclaire beauty studio agreed to comply with Wildlife Victoria's fundraising guidelines as outlined in the Fundraising Kit​


Small step makes big differences at éclaire

Since October,  2018

Breast Cancer Foundation

Total Donation  $3970

Wildlife Victoria 

Total Donation  $2400

Emergency donation for Bushfire to Red cross

Donation  $1110