Frequent F.A.Q



Q. Does éclaire beauty studio take walk-in appointments?

A. Yes. We welcome guests on a walk-in. However, we easily get fully booked out so, we recommend scheduling on appointment in advance to ensure quality service.

Q. Do you offer group appointments and private parties?

A. Yes, please call / text us and we will take care of you. But there is deposit for group bookings to secure. Deposit is refundable, only if you cancel before 24 hours from your booking time.

Q. Do I need to get fully vaccinated for my appointment? (COVID-19)

A. Currently, we only can take fully vaccinated clients to follow Victoria government policy. You need the proof of vaccination for your appointment.

Q. Can I buy a gift voucher?

A. Yes. It's available in store. We offer an envelop, voucher card and complimentary message card. Minimum $50. Come and visit between our trading hours.

Q. How long should I book earlier in advance?

A. Usually Saturday and after 4.30pm weekdays are fully booked quickly. If you want this time we recommend at least 2-3weeks before. If you have more flexible time during the day it’s fine to book 3-4days before.

Q. Do you take waiting list?

A. Yes we do take waiting list if you couldn’t book the time you wanted. And when there is cancellations, we can contact you.

Q. Do you do Men's nail or pedi or lash too?

A. Yes. We do. Feel free to visit us!


Q. Do you do repairing?

A. We are happy to repair a gel manicure,pedicure and extension within one week of the original appointment. The same applies to any other designs such as gem stones or adhesives. After one week from original appointment, there is a nominal charge. We do our best to ensure a long last polish manicure, pedicure and extension, however, we cannot guarantee everyone has different conditions and lifestyles.

Q. How much is nail arts?

A. One colour gel is $55 and Simple designs can be $55-80ish. More designs $80-200. It depends on designs. Usually hand drawings cost higher. You can get a price quote on our contact number too. Please click here, for further information of price.

Q. How long does the procedure take?

A. The procedure for Gel nails can take from approx. 60 minutes to 120 minutes depends on the designs. But if it's only removal, it takes 30 minutes to 60 minutes including cuticle care.

Q. Is cuticle care included in gel services?

A. Yes, We do free cuticle care for all gel nail services.

Q. Do you do Acrylics?

A. No. We don't do any acrylics. We are gel specialty studio so, for nail extensions, it's also with gel.

Q. Do you do normal polish?

A. No. We don't do normal polish. Even if you can bring your normal polish colours, we only do Gel nails.

Q. Do I need to get nail extensions if my nails are short?

A. No. It's not necessary. And it’s personal preference. Don’t worry. We can work on very tiny nails too!

Q. Do you do nails for kids, childrens?

A. Yes. We can if you (parents) want. But the procedure is different than usual for adult to make it more easy to be removed. Usually, nail stickers are popular.

Q. My nail is broken. Can you fix it?

Yes. We can fix broken nails $5. We can also do nail extension $12/ea.


Q. How are eyelash extension applied?

A. Our eyelash extensions are applied individually, one by one, about 1mm far away from the eyelid skin, never touch on the skin. Lash extension comes in difference length, thicknesses and curls.

Q. How long does the procedure take?

A. The procedure can take from 45 minute to 120 minute depends on the service.

Q. How long do eyelash extensions last?

A. Eyelash extensions last approximately 3 - 5 weeks depending on a number of reasons such as quantity, aftercare, lifestyle, habits, weather, etc.

Q. What can I do to make my eyelash extension last longer?

A. Do not get the lashes wet for the 3 to 6 hours after your appointment, keep away from any steam room, saunas and swimming pools. It is very important to give the adhesive sufficient time to bond the natural lashes. Do not use oil based make up or make up remover.

Q. Can I still wear make up and mascara?

A. We do not recommend wearing mascara because it is difficult to remove from the lash extensions. Please use oil-free cosmetic to remove make up close to the lashes.

Q. When do I need to get them refill?

A. We recommend clients to refill every 2 - 3 weeks, if you prefer to be fully look every day, it should be refilled weekly base.

Q. How do I remove eyelash extensions?

A. Removals are done at the salon by the lash artist. Please do not attempt to pull it away from your natural lashes

Q. My lashes are short. Can I still get lash lift?

A. Yes. We can lift up hidden lashes and short lashes too!

Q. How long the lash lift last?

A. It usually last 6 - 8 weeks. Our clients get redone every one and half months. If your original lashes are growing fast, it will last short like 5-6 weeks.


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